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3/27/2011 02:25:45

All 18 eggs arrived safe and unbroken.Very well packed with lots of padding in a well marked box. I expect them do well.

Thank you so very much I am so excited to hatch out some white Showgirls to add to my collection. I will get you pic when they hatch.

Varner Lane Silkies &Showgirls
3/27/2011 02:27:40

Awesome Tisha, I hope they do well for you. Keep me updated. Thanks

3/27/2011 02:53:12

Suz...your site is wonderful!!!
You go girl!

Varner Lane Silkies & Showgirls
3/27/2011 02:56:13

Thanks Terry. Let me know when you finally hatch out those Orps. and we'll see about the Showgirl eggs. Take care.


3/31/2011 05:36:24

Thanks Suz !
SG eggs arrived on 3/31/2011 , All eggs arrived safely and packaged very well ! I can't wait to hatch out these Beauties ,so excited here !
Will keep you updated and will take lots of pics of the hatchlings for you .

Thanks Again !


Varner Lane Silkies & Showgirls
3/31/2011 05:47:14

Awesome Fay! Glad they traveled well.
Would love to see pictures of the chicks. I just hatched two of these showgirls myself today. Both of mine were bow tie.
Happy hatching!

4/14/2011 12:37:02

Received my eggs today!! Wonderfully packed and marked. Look forward to my showgirls in 22 days. I am so happy to find such wonderful quality silkies and you are such a jewel to work with. Look forward to more eggs later!!!
Terry Fay McMurtury

Varner Lane Silkie & Showgirls
4/14/2011 12:46:17

Well thank you Terry. You must have the bator fired up and ready to go.
Just let me know when you are ready for more.

22 days and counting...

Happy hatching!


4/20/2011 07:53:27

Received my 2nd batch of SHOWGIRL hatching eggs today ! They were wonderfully packed as always ,speedy shipping .Will deffinetaly buy again ! Your birds are Fabulous !!!
Thank you Suz !


Varner Lane Silkies &Showgirls
4/20/2011 08:32:50

Why thank you Fay. You just let me know anytime you want more.

6/10/2011 11:12:06

Eggs arrived today ! As usual all arrived safe and sound ! Deffinately recommend this seller.She goes way above and beyond most sellers !
All eggs were wonderfully packed & Supper Speedy Shipping .
Will keep ya updated on the hatch !
Thanks so much Suz !


Varner Lane Fancies
6/16/2011 13:17:14

You are very welcome Ms. Fay and thank you for your kind words.

I...would also recommend this buyer she is so sweet, always a pleasure to deal with.
Happy hatching Ms. Fay

Renae Bloomer
10/5/2011 07:59:35

Thank you so much for the showgirl eggs. I can't wait for them to hatch out. Great job on the packaging and thanks for the extras too. Super fast shipping. I will definitely get eggs from you again.
Thanks again.

Ia. Jake
10/30/2011 00:13:57

I went down to meet Sue and Mike yesterday. I got a few silkies from her, they are just great silkies. She was a great person to deal with. We are very happy, worth the 630 miles. Would do defiantly buy from agian!

Suz...Varner Laner Fancies
10/30/2011 02:10:01

Thanks Jason was great to meet you
and I hope those cockerels make you
some nice chicks. Can't wait to see how
the whites show for you. Good luck!

11/7/2011 02:28:22


i had a very good feeling the first time i purchased sg eggs from you off of byc. after seeing the care that goes into packing and shipping the eggs , the high fertility that followed and the beautiful chicks that your eggs produced that feeling has progressed to a deep trust very quickly...

you're a first class act and i look forward to more purchases in the years ahead as i progress with the hobby

with sincere thanks,
john b

11/9/2011 08:00:52

I had received my eggs very promptly and the packaging was the best I had ever received and I have purchased from other breeders in the past and the packaging did not even come close to Suz!
Very pleasant and nice to do business with and I am sure I will purchase again in the future!
I am very happy and I can't wait for these little ones to hatch!

Thank you!

12/1/2011 22:37:05

I purchased a dozen showgirl eggs. The packing was awesome! All eggs were in great shape and now at day 10, I am candling all but one to have baby chicks in them! I really think the great packing had a lot to do with this as I have never had this much luck with shipped eggs before! I will be ordering all my showgirl eggs from you!! Thank you!

7/8/2012 12:21:56

I become acquainted with Suz when I first joined Back Yard Chickens. We both had the passion for genetics. We have had a ball!! Suz is about the best you can find when it comes to quality silkies. Her sillkies ARE SQ. I would rather give twice for her stock than many others I have seen. And...she is honest which goes a long way with me. I just had a 100% hatch of Paints and Lavenders last week. They are beautiful and I am so excited to see them grow to beautiful adults. Thanks Suz!

Varner Lane Fancies
7/13/2012 17:50:48

Hey more...Crazy Lady

Bob Schauenberg
7/11/2012 23:28:13

Have purchased two seamas from you @ the burlington show....hope to see you there often. Bob

Varner Lane Fancies
7/13/2012 17:55:36

Hi Bob I see you found my website...greattt!..when I go to the "show sale" again I'm sure I'll have a few more Serama's. And you know you can't resist the tiny one's. I told you all my birds are friendly. Hope you enjoyed the pics of all my stock and as you can see costumer's now and past speak volumes. See you next sale!

7/14/2012 23:28:30

Love your website and a look at your breeding seamas. If you ever want to mix bloodlines to eliminate inbreeding issues.i could bring some for charge. Bob

Varner Lane Fancies
9/8/2012 08:34:30

Hey Bob I am bringing 3 pair of Serama to the sale tomorrow. Better bring your "fat" wallet because one pair are tiny Class A, super friendly, and very pretty birds. See you there.

9/13/2012 04:06:52

Birds have adapted well to my flock.......your pet sits with me under am oak tree while I read....he is happy. See you next year....

8/18/2012 05:30:12

Do you have any showgirl eggs for sale?

Varner Lane Fancies
9/8/2012 08:28:13

Hi Georgina yes I have Showgirls in White and Paint.

georgina n.t.
11/7/2013 17:10:28

I'm still looking for showgirls! Do you still have white and paint? I like the showgirls with no feathers (no bow ties). Do you have these? Also, do you ship baby chicks or eggs only? Any photos? I live near Seattle.

8/23/2012 09:30:07

Hi, I am looking for white hatching eggs . I want 100 eggs .
Are they fertilized in order to be ready to hatch ? 
Can you tell me the total price shipped to my country (Saudi Arabia) ?
Can you tell me the percentage of guarantee to reach me save and secure from breaking ?
Looking for your answer

Varner Lane Fancies
9/8/2012 08:32:00

I do not ship outside of the US. And I can not guarantee how the postal service will treat shipped eggs. Once they leave my hands I am no longer responsible.

2/16/2016 22:16:06

do you still breeding silkies and showgirls? i love this little birds, I have 3 girls and two are starting to seat, I ambling for fertile eggs that may give me couple of showgirls, and silkies, all I need is 6. please let me know if you can send me 6 or so, and the cost.
I am near Boston. 781-279-3523, thank you, Tony


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